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Buying a used excavator process

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How do customers buy second-hand excavators? 1. Choose quality: second-hand excavators are of varying quality. You must rely on your knowledgeable technicians to help check the purchase. Don't buy them casually after the "warranty" of the intermediary. The "home free warranty" of second-hand excavators is impossible. Caution, quality control is the most important. ... 2. Choose the price: second-hand excavator, the price varies according to the brand, year, model, vehicle condition, sales season and other factors. Buying an excavator by yourself must be able to roughly estimate the value of the excavator. ... 3. Selection service: Kaishu second-hand excavator direct sales network, customers choose excavators in the direct sales website, and call the direct sales manager for the actual situation of the spot, so as not to run in vain. Customers participate in the direct sales of this site, and customers can purchase independently and legally trade. , No deception; delivery to the home, no risk; notarization at the notary office, and the transaction is safe and secure. 4. Purchase process


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